A To Z Language Centre Sdn Bhd

A To Z Language Centre Sdn Bhd

There are several language schools that have started in Malaysia, but among them, A to Z language Center is popular among Malaysians who want to study in Japan.

Ms. Akiko Nishio is the founder and principal and she is teaching Japanese Language too.
Ms. Nishio has been living in Malaysia for 20 years and she loves Malaysia. She has been engaged in various activities not only to let Malaysians know about Japan but also for Japanese people to know the attraction of Malaysia. 

For example, organize various events concentrate on "Japanese" as well as participating in a project. If you are looking for a language school that can meet something new, then A to Z language center will fit you the best.

In the following, let's look at what you can learn with A to Z and what projects you can participate in.



[For Malaysians] Learn Japanese-Classes in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor

Attend a Japanese class

A to Z main campus in Damansara Uptown and also Sri Petaling, Penang and Johor Bahru.

Various classes such as "Japanese Intensive Class" for those who want to study Japanese intensively from Monday to Friday,  or a group class once a week, a conversation-oriented class, a preparation class for JLPT (Japanese language proficiecy test).

You can learn according to your purpose, for those who are learning as a hobby as useful when traveling to Japan, those who want to study in Japan, and those who want to work for a Japanese company in Malaysia.


Outsourcing Japanese language teachers for company

In Malaysia,  there are many opportunities to interact with Japanese people internal and external the company. Therefore, company are often conduct Japanese language classes for employees.
A to Z outsourcing professional Japanese language teachers to these companies.

In a company sponsored class, not all students are motivated. Therefore, A to Z teacher creates an atmosphere of learning Japanese with fun by making use of videos and talking techniques while having humor.

Support for studying in Japan, preliminary inspection tour also held!

Support for studying in Japan

At A to Z, we are mediator to study in Japan.
It is possible to study Japanese in Malaysia and take an exam at a Japanese university, but we recommend that you study in language school in Japan, after getting used to Japanese life, then only take steps to go to university.

For example, mobile phone? How do you live? Language school does provide supports from the life side, but it is not possible at university.

A to Z has partnered with two language schools in Japan and can also offer advice on studying abroad and support for procedures.


Holding a study abroad inspection tour for high school students

At A to Z, we are conducting a one week Japanese study inspection tour for high school students in Malaysia, aiming to promote Japanese language education in Malaysia.
From this tour, you can experience in taking Japanese classes at Japanese language schools, visit Japanese professional schools, listen to seniors,  having meals at school, experience learning environments, try using convenience stores and trains.

There are student interest to learn in Japan through this inspection tour! As well as students who have studied in Japan and have passed a professional school.

[For Japanese] Popular among Japanese too! English, Chinese, Malay lessons

A to Z offers one-to-one language lessons for Japanese and foreigners. There is much demand for English lessons, but Chinese and Malay lessons are also available.

It is possible to have the lesson contents tailored to each purpose, such as
"I just want to be able to communicate"
"I want to increase my TOEIC score"
"I want to be able to write business emails in English”

You also could set the days and times flexible, so that even busy business people can easily attend!


Short-term Admission of Japanese university students

A to Z partnership with Japanese University offers a program for Japanese university students of one week or one month admission.
For example, I studied English during the first half of my stay in Malaysia and visited a Japanese company in Malaysia in the second half.  At last,  give a presentation of what i learned of English + social tour.
It is also possible to interact with Malaysian students who are learning Japanese at A to Z, so you can have different experiences from traveling and studying abroad.


According Ms. Nishio, "Their English shill will not improve dramatically in a few weeks, but I am interested in foreign countries, and they can overcome my fear of "overseas" by making friends with foreigners, so I have confidence to found out my missing part" I think that I will put more effort into this project in the future.

Japanese Speech Contest & Scholarship Counter

A to Z is a window for various scholarships. We also organize a speech contest related event twice a year.

Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship & Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur
A speech contest in which scholarships sponsored by Kyoritsu Maintenance are awarded each year. Held around September every year. The application period is from June to July every year.

A scholarship program sponsored by Yoshinoya that has advanced to Malaysia. Scholars are paid for studying in Japan and are required to work part-time at Yoshinoya during the study abroad period.
The application period is around March and September every year.


・Japanese Business Presentation Contest in KL
A speech contest for Malaysians who are using Japanese language in their workplace or want to use Japanese language at work. Held every September. The application period is around August every year.

・Japan Designers Academy Scholarship Program
The Japan Designers College, a Japanese professional school scheduled to open in Malaysia, has a scholarship program that exempts Malaysian students from tuition fees in Japan for three years in order to develop instructors in Malaysia in the future .

The above is an example of scholarship. You can check the latest information on the A to Z official website.

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