Kawashima Shingaku Juku has made up of professional, paassionate teachers who have more than 20 years tutoring experience in Japan. 、Founder, Kawashima established the centre in Kuala Lumpur in February 2019. The centre offers the best eductional approach for sutudents using the latest IT educational method. 

Some students achieved success in school tests and exam.  Our aim is to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. 

Service Contents


Self-Study RED

A leading private tution centre "Mori Jyuku"- developed the latest education content which was invested 3 billion yen for 3 years. AI(Artificial Intelligence)helps to improve children's grades. During classes, they study and prepare for a school class using IPad and our own textbooks. We offer one-to-one tuition for those that require additional support. Elementary school students can take math and national language classes. Junior high school students can take all 5 subjects.
Age from 10 to 15 years old


Digi Soro (Soroban (abacus)

This method is developed by Mr.Kageyama aiming for right brain education. The centre has classes for soroban and math training using computer. Right brain training is good for children whose age is 11-12 years old (who can read "Hiragana" properly)


QUREO(programming course)

Programming is required for all elementary schools from 2020. From 2024, "information I" (including programming) will be added for university exam. Kawashima Tution Centre provides you "QUREO" which was cyber Agent group developed online programme. Everyone enjoy programme and learn the bacis of programming.

Company Information

Company Name/会社名


Representative Name/代表者名

Tsutomu Kawashima

No. of Employees/従業員数



Nature of Business/事業内容

Tution centre management, support for overseas business expansion (tution centre)

Tel & Fax

+60 172263586


Date of establishment/設立年月日



Oasis Square,B-2-03,Jalan PJU 1A/7A,Oasis Ara Damansara,47301,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia