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Cosmos Plan / Tropical Resort Lifestyle

Cosmos Plan provides property services in Malaysia, from property leasing, buying and selling, property investment and property management.Also, at our sister company, Tropical Resort Lifestyle, we provide total support for MM2H visas, study abroad, and even overseas medical insurance.From long stay visa support to apartment search, we are you...

ICLS / Inter-Cultural Language School

ICLS, operated by Japanese, is one of the oldest language school in Malaysia. The school first opened its doors in 1990.Started as Japanese language school, we are currently offering 9 language classes including English, Chinese and Malay. Our 3 branches are located in the metropolitan area of Kuala Lumpur, in Subang and in Damansara. You can select a l...

Kawashima Shingaku Juku, Kuala Lumpur

Kawashima Shingaku Juku has made up of professional, paassionate teachers who have more than 20 years tutoring experience in Japan. 、Founder, Kawashima established the centre in Kuala Lumpur in February 2019. The centre offers the best eductional approach for sutudents using the latest IT educational method. Some students achieved success in scho...


We are an optician's store founded in Hokkaido in 1963.Besides Malaysia, we also have stores in Vietnam, offering Japanese quality glasses to overseas people and Japanese who living abroad.Frame are all imports from Japan, and only using high quality lenses such as HOYA and SEIKO. We also have the latest equipment from Japan.


大人向けのシックな居酒屋としてオープンした「しゃかりき 432” SAKE DINING」。落ち着いた雰囲気で、個室もご用意。バーライセンス取得済みで、個室はタバコもOK! 日本人スタッフが常駐しており、 大切なゲストをもてなす会食の場として、落ち着いて会話を楽しみながらお酒を飲みたいとき、歓送迎会などさまざまなシーンでご利用いただけます。