Good atmosphere with food – Izakaya “Shakariki 432” SAKE DINING is open.

Decent Izakaya has private rooms, if you are a smoker, you can smoke inside the room.  
Japanese staff always welcome you.
Food, drink, friends, good conversation over sake, dinner party, you can entertain guests in various situations.

The Izakaya serves up an incredible 250 dishes from Yakitori, Okonomiyaki to some traditional izakaya foods.
Their boasts of more than 20 types of sake as well as Sapporo draft beer and high ball using special spirit sparkling water maker that will satisfy customers.

It is located at Desa Sri Hartamas. Enjoy good foods and drinks in a great atmosphere after work hours and weekends!

Cozy “Private Dining Rooms”

Three types of private dining rooms are available;
1. Room for 4-6 person
2. Room for 6-8 person
3. Room for 10 person  

If you need a room for more than 10 people, we can arrange the table for up to 24 people.
The room is a cozy atmosphere styled in black.

It is ideally used for a special occasion such as business meetings and entertaining important guests.

※No-smoking ruling at all eateries and restaurants has started in Malaysia, however, you can smoke at the private room since the Izakaya obtained a full nightclub license.

Serves up 250 dishes! Fresh fish Straight From Japan


Fresh fish from Japan, yakitori using a charcoal grill, saba, hokke, fried foods, delicacies, okonomi-yaki, etc. All dishes reminds you traditional Japanese Izakaya menu. The shop’s specialty is fresh fish straight from Japan, foods using charcoal grill. We offer a wide choice of drinks, an array of delectable dishes, all served with inimitable style.

Top 3 popular dish

・Grilled saba (using charcoal grill)
・Negi umatan
・Mix Okonomi-yaki

Recommended Menu


Abura-soba (dry noodle), 1 in 3 people order!

Mix well the tick, chewy noodles and toppings with "soy sauce-base tare" and chopped garlic. Roasted pork is melts in the mouth and seasoned Boiled Egg is absolutely tasty! You can add on home-made ra-yu (red chili oil), vinegar, sesame, fried garlic, chili powder, etc. If you add on ra-yu and vinegar, a dish will taste different, Many regular customers just visit the shop to have abura-soba. You must try it!

Other Comments

The shop is packed with people over the weekends and weekdays after 8pm.

Do not forget to make a reservation before you go!

Shop Information

Restaurant Name/店舗名



Japanese dining, Izakaya


03-6211 0432 available after 3pm



Operating Hours/営業時間




No. of seats/座席数

55 seats, 3 private rooms



No.7G Tingkat Bawah Jalan 23/70A, Desa Seri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia