This is a Japanese restaurant with a peace atmosphere in one corner of Hartamas Plaza. Feel free to drop by and you can enjoy the memorial taste.

Recommended Menu


Carpaccio of raw salmon,

This is a dish of fresh salmon sashimi with vegetables.
You may can’t stand to taste this plump salmon meat.


Cold salad noodles of chicken fillet ,

It is dish mix of plenty of vegetables and noodle.
Recommended menu for hot weather, because you could have it immediately.


Assorted Oden,

There also serving oden which totally soaked in the soup.
Put on spices on your favorite ingredients, it makes you feel taste nostalgic.


Rolled egg omelet,

It a dish of steaming hot egg. Soup is totally been soaked, it a dish you never miss out.


Braised pork with sweet source,

The sauce is soaked completely into the meat, it the best of the best.


Onigiri (Plum),

We also serving regular rice balls (Onigiri) in Izakaya. Is Volumn, Is much!!!
There are two kinds of Onigiri, plums and okaka (finely chopped katsuobushi).

Other Comments

Menu will be changes regularly. Please also check for "Today's Recommend" menu.


Shop Information

Restaurant Name/店舗名

Sai Sai Japanese Restaurant


Japanese Restaurant




Operating Hours/営業時間

Monday - Saturday 11am - 11pm



No. of seats/座席数



Plaza Damas 3, f-0-9, 40580, 63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.