Solutions of Japanese Companies - What are the Benefits of JBAA Business Training?

Solutions of Japanese Companies - What are the Benefits of JBAA Business Training?


A must-see for Japanese companies that having troubles in communication with local staff

"Staff not punctual"
"There was no report when a serious problem occurred"
"Resigned easily only because of get scolded"

Many of the Japanese companies when expanding in overseas may have these troubles.

The business training of JBAA (Japan Business Ability Authorized Association) is expected become a solution for Japanese companies.

Needless to say, it is necessary for Japanese people to understand the local way of thinking, but at the same time it is necessary to have local staff understand "Japanese way of thinking too".
By deepening mutual understanding between Japanese and local staff, it can be expected to facilitate internal and external communication.

JBAA's business training was developed to help people understand "Japanese way of thinking".

Point of JBAA Business Training

◆ Deepen your understanding of Japanese business practices rather than Japanese language skills
◆ Curriculum based on the method of the Japan Business Ability Authorized Association (JBAA) that allows you to learn "Japanese way of thinking" without difficulty
◆ The instructor is a Japanese who is certified instructor by JBAA
◆ Conduct two-day company training in Malaysia
◆ HRDF claimable

Contents of JBAA Business Training and Effects

JBAA Business Training is a business training program to help foreigners acquire and understand Japanese culture, business practices, ethics, and business manners.

The level is divided into four (4) levels from the entry level (Grade 4) to the Grade 1, and for those working in oversea Japanese companies, the contents of Grade 3 & 4 are sufficient.

Even if you have not been to Japan, you will be able to learn a wide range of topics such as Japanese society, Japanese people, characteristics of Japanese companies, employment system in Japan, appearance, compliance, etc.

◆ Training schedule example (Grade 4)

First day
Chapter 1 Understanding Japanese and Japan Society (Keep Promise, Not being different to others, etc.)
Chapter 2 Lifestyle in Japan (Toilet, Table manners, Public manners)

Second day
Chapter 3 Working in Japan (Greeting, Ho-Ren-So, Arrangement, Clothes,  Exchange business card, etc.)

9: 30-17: 00 (6 hours/day, totals of 12 hours in 2 days)
The examination will be conducted separately after the completion of the training (examination time is 60 minutes). Pass / fail results will be notified about 2 weeks after the exam.


JBAA Business Training Price

※ Below price are for Grade 4. Also, price including teaching materials & examination fee

・ In-house training (more than 5 participants)
    RM 11,000 (5 persons)
※6 & above: additional RM1,700/person

・ Individual training
     RM2,500 / person
※ Conduct when gathered 5 or more students
※  At the assigned venue

◆ Who is the student???

Outside Japan, we mainly assume foreign staff who work in Japanese companies, for example, foreigners who study in Japanese language schools or major in Japanese language in universities, and who want to further their career in Japanese companies, etc.

The JBAA training course also includes the “Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam,” which will take approximately one week after the training. You will be able to take advantage of job hunting, as a JBAA certificate will prove your understanding of Japanese business manners.


◆ Results in Malaysia

In Malaysia, JBAA business training has been provided since January 2019, and it has been implemented by major Japanese manufacturers in Malaysia.

For more details, please refer to “JBAA carried out First Business Training Program in Malaysia”.


What is JBAA (Japan Business Ability Authorized Association)? 

The management of JBAA's exams is the Japan Business Ability Authorized Association based in Akasaka, Tokyo.
In Japan, where the need for foreign workers is increasing due to the declining birth rate and the aging of the population. It was launched to help foreign workers understand Japanese culture and business practices, and has been rapidly recognized in recent years.

eeevo malaysia sdn. Bhd. is the only agent based in Malaysia and Japan for Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.
Currently, about 200 companies in Japan such as IT and information industries support JBAA's efforts.
In addition to Malaysia, there are JBAA partner companies in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Business manner courses and exam are being conducted, and number of educational institutions included it in their curriculum are increasing too.

Detail of JBAA Business Training

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