A comfortable life with Tokyo Sukkiri Non-electric Shower Toilet

A comfortable life with Tokyo Sukkiri Non-electric Shower Toilet


Popularity keep increasing in Malaysia! Refresh & Clean with shower-style toilet!

“Tokyo Sukkiri” is recommended for those who want to clean their bottom with a shower toilet in Malaysia.

It sells explosively in Southeast Asia and is a popular product in Thailand.
There are many Japanese companies in Thailand using it.


It is common in Japan to use an electric shower-type toilet, but it is not popular in Southeast Asia.
There are 2 reasons as below:
  • There is a risk of electric leakage because it is wash with water.
  • There is no plug socket in the bathroom

In particular, the voltage in Malaysia is 200 volts, which is double of Japan. It is extremely dangerous if you get an electric shock.

Based on the above 2 reasons, the Japanese researchers have developed the shower toilet for Southeast Asian market is “Tokyo Sukkiri”.

"Tokyo Sukkiri” is popular among locals as well as Japanese living in Malaysia and Thailand, but what kind of points are popular?

What is the Reason of Shower Toilet "Tokyo Sukkiri" became popular?


The biggest reason in Southeast Asia is do not required electricity.

In Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, there are mostly no plug socket in the toilet, so electric shower-type toilets are difficult to use. However, non-electric "Tokyo Sukkiri" can be installed in almost all Western-style toilets and is very easy to use.

The nozzle of "Tokyo Sukkiri" has been developed after 12 years of research. It is pushed by water pressure and returns to its original position when the water pressure is lowered, so no motor is required. As you can see from the video below, it is surprising that the nozzle moves smoothly only with the water pressure.

In Southeast Asia country, the weather are warm throughout whole year, therefore is not required for the toilet seat and shower to be warm.
It is good that the electricity bill is zero!

Comfortable water pressure

  • There are two nozzles, Rear Nozzle (Bottom) & Front Nozzle (Female)
  • There is put some effort in designing the hole where the water at the nozzle tip comes out. For Rear Nozzle there is narrow and soft like shower, in the other hand, front nozzle comes in such a way that the water softens in the wide area.

noimage Front Nozzle / Rear Nozzle

In Southeast Asia, there is a hose attached to the side of the toilet called "hand shower", and it is common to wash with this hose after going to toilet, but sometimes facing the problem of water pressure is too strong or too weak to use, water splatters and spills here and there ....
Compared to that, "Tokyo Sukkiri" has a good water pressure, and your toilet never gets wet.

Clean Design Nozzle

  • Self-cleaning nozzle feature
The nozzle of "Tokyo Sukkiri" is not only good in water pressure. When the water pressure drops and the nozzle returns to its original position, water continues to come out of the nozzle, and the water is designed to self-clean the nozzle.
  • Golden Nozzle
The developers of "Tokyo Sukkiri" have been conducting research for 12 years and found the "Golden Angle", the most dirty nozzle angle. Two nozzles are attached at a incredible angle, and there is a further reason for this angle.

Easy Installation

“Any Toilet” “Anyone” easily installed in 30 minutes.
A special attachment at the toilet seat part, you just need to slide "Tokyo Sukkiri" onto the attachment.

noimage Attachment of "Tokyo Sukkiri" which can cope with various type of toilets

This attachment is very well designed and easy installed on various types of toilets.

It's easy to install, as well as easy to remove for cleaning purpose. You can remove it by sliding it.
Since special tools are not required, you can attach and detach yourself when moving.

You can wash thoroughly!

It does not require electricity, therefore "Tokyo Sukkiri" can be quickly removed and washed with water.
From the back of the toilet seat to the lid, you can wash every corner of it.

Comfortable to sit

Compared to toilet seats sold at home centers in Malaysia, you can see that their design are much thicker, larger.
“Tokyo Sukkiri” designing in a moderate curve of the toilet seat, and a spacious size even for larger users are comfortable to sit. This is nice because often home toilet will sit longer.

noimage The back side of Tokyo Sukkiri: 4 solid columns support the toilet seat.

Antibacterial Materials

Using antibacterial resin for all parts of the products such as toilet seat and lid. It able to prevents the growth of bacteria. If by using cheap material, it will scratched, soiled, and discolored quickly, but since the material itself is good, it can keep its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Solid - by using high-quality plastic

Load capacity is 150 kg due to the use of high-quality plastic.
It is not only tough, yellowing due to aging and less dirt, it can keep its appearance beautiful for a long time. If you use it at home, it can be used for about 8 years.
In Southeast Asia, we often see a broken toilet seat, but it is not so easy to break with "Tokyo Sukkiri".

Lid close gently

Special technology is used for the part of hinge of the lid. The lid is designed not to close with a flap.
Since closing the lid may cause pain in the lid itself, it is also an important point for long use.

Energy saving (Paper & Electricity)

The use of shower toilet should reduce the amount of toilet paper used.
Also, no electricity is needed in Tokyo Sukkiri. It's also a very eco-friendly product.

Bottom Friendly

Rough toilet paper will hurts your bottom. The best thing is to wash with water and wipe it off with toilet paper. You should be able to alleviate the problems around the hips with Tokyo Sukkiri.




Place where you can actually experience「Tokyo Sukkiri」

There are many people saying that "I'm interested in shower type toilets, but I would like to use them before buying them."
Therefore, we will introduce the places where you can actually experience Tokyo Sukkiri before purchase it.

1. Sales Office
You can experience Tokyo Sukkiri at NESMY Solutions office, an authorized distributor of Tokyo Sukkri. The location is convenient nearby KLCC (walking distance from LRT Ampang Park Station).
Reservation is necessary, so please inquire from the following link.

2. SHAKARiKi432”
In the popular bar called "SHAKarri Ki432" in Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. They are using "Tokyo Sukkiri" for their customers.
Of course, please visit them for eating and drinking too!

By the way, the owner of SHAKARiKi 432 "is a fan of" Tokyo Sukkiri "and seems to have it at home too!

In addition, there are many other industries such as 5-star hotels, restaurants, and hospitals are implementing it.


The flow of Inquiry - Order - Installation

For those who want to buy Tokyo Sukkiri. Here is guide for your reference.
  1. Contact NESMY Solutions 
  2. Confirm the shape of the toilet and the location of the water supply port
※ Take a picture of the toilet with your smartphone and send it to NESMY. Depending on the shape of the toilet, it may not be possible to install but it very rare.
  1. Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang are available for installation service.
※ The installation takes about 30 minutes
Other areas will be courier with the installation manual.


After sales & Maintenance

Daily Maintenance

For daily toilet cleaning, the nozzle part also has a water tank, so maintenance is required once every 10 days. However, it is very easy by just pulling out the nozzle and wiping it with a wet tissue.

noimage For maintenance once every 10days, by just pinch the nozzle knob, pull it out and wipe it off

The warranty period is one year

The manufacturer warranty is valid for one year.

What if I get problem after the warranty period?

One of the features of "Tokyo Sukkiri" is that it is very simple and hard to break down.
If there is a possibility of breakdown, the nozzle may clog up and stop moving due to rust mixed in the tap water.
Even if it breaks down, only the nozzle can be removed and replaced, so even if the warranty period is over, the cost of repair will not be significant.

In addition, because it is a product manufactured in Thailand, it is also easy to get repair parts.

Price:RM 1,695

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