Let's enjoy your trip with Samurai WiFi

Let's enjoy your trip with Samurai WiFi


WiFi is a MUST while travelling to oversea!!!

Especially when you go to the first time country, smartphone and WiFi are travelling requisites. Therefore, it can be said that it is a "lifeline".

  • Check the location of the hotel with the map application.
  • Grab cars and taxis with Grab.
  • Collect information on sightseeing spots.
  • Search for popular restaurants.
  • Upload scenery of the destination to Instagram.
  • Keep in touch with travel companions and family members via chat application.
  • Use translation services.
  • Web check-in for the flight.
  • Check e-mails and cloud documents while business trip.

If can use the smartphone appliances that you always use daily, then even when abroad you can go to a place you want as well as trying delicious local things.

To support such a fulfilling trip, it is a need to rental WiFi corresponding to the local carrier (communication company).

Renting WiFi able to let you sharing multiple devices with friends

In some countries such as Southeast Asia, SIM cards are convenient at affordable prices, but actually, the rental WiFi is more convenient to use.

For example, if you have multiple devices such as laptops and tablets, as well as smartphones, and you want to share WiFi with friends, definitely you are recommended to renting WiFi.
Also, it is troublesome to purchase and replace the SIM card each time. Therefore, if you having the rental WiFi before departure, it is unnecessary to purchase and replace the SIM card. You can enjoy your journey as much as you want.

The popular influencers in Malaysia such as PUKU PUKU, have used Samurai WiFi once and Samurai WiFi became famous!


High Quality & Reasonable「Samurai WiFi」

In Malaysia, rental WiFi service has increased, but Japanese WiFi only at "Samurai WiFi".
Taking advantage of the experience we have since our founding seven years, we are providing not only reasonable but also user-oriented service, and repeaters are increasing steadily.

Previously it was known as "VISONDATA", but when overseas deployment renamed service name to "Samurai WiFi". In Southeast Asia including Malaysia, "Samurai WiFi" is completely established.


Let’s see why we choose Samurai WiFi???
  1. Unlimited data in Japan, Korea, Taiwan
    If you want to avoid the worst situation when the data capacity runs out at the critical time, "unlimited use" is recommended. Besides, if Samurai WiFi, the router for Japan is RM20/day and the price is reasonable.
  2. No Deposit
    Even at Samurai WiFi initially we took a deposit but abolished the deposit because "everyone is returning it in a nice condition". 
  3. 24hours support
    Even if there is a problem with the connection at the destination, we will support you 24 hours by phone. 
  4. Select the most connected carrier in the area
    When borrowing Samurai WiFi, there is a field to fill in not only the country you visit but also the area. With this information, we will choose the most accessible carrier at your destination.
  5. Corresponds to over 130 countries
    When borrowing Samurai WiFi, there is a field to fill in not only the country you visit but also the area. With this information, we will choose the most accessible carrier at your destination


Samurai WiFi always incorporates the latest technology. The latest type of rental WiFi is compatible with 130 countries around the world including Europe. If you go round several countries, it's easy and recommended! 

By the way, Samurai WiFi offers not only overseas but also rental WiFi which can be used in Malaysia, therefore, many companies use it to their guests while visiting Malaysia.

Add-ons that make travelling more convenient

Samurai WiFi offers "add-on" service that allows you to sign up with rental WiFi and make travelling convenient and pleasant.


Translator device「MAGICSAY」

Recently popular is the "translator device" which appeared in television commercials even in Japan.
For example, even if you can not speak Japanese, if you talk to the translator in English, the translator will "interpret" it.
There seems to be a lot of people renting it with fun in a sense like a toy. Certainly, with this, it seems to be enjoyable to communicate with locals.

The translator device "MAGICSAY" provided by Samurai WiFi supports 35 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. When you go to Southeast Asia where cannot understand English,  it is reassuring.
By the way, in order to use MAGICSAY, WiFi environment is necessary.



Oversea Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance you must keep for the time of emergency. The insurance company Samurai WiFi is affiliated with is Tokio Marine Insurance which is quite familiar in Malaysia. You can pay together with the rental WiFi fees, so it is save of your time and effort.


Suica & Japan Rail Pass

Suica is a MUST if foreigners go to Japan. 1500 yen of credit has been charged so that it can be used immediately.
Also, if you go around Japan by train such as Shinkansen, Japan Rail Pass is recommended. This is a special service for foreigners, Japanese nationality cannot use.



Reserve high season early!

Currently, there are about 1,500 rental WiFi stocks in Samurai WiFi, but it will be out of stock during the peak season. Especially, in November, December,  and around April when cherry blossoms.
Before the out of stock, please make an early reservation.

Also, KLIA's rental counters are very crowded before midnight for flights to Japan.
If you make the payment online in advance, the procedure for renting will also smooth.


Let’s enjoy your trip with Samurai WiFi !!!

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