Recruitment Service in Malaysia: Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Recruitment Service in Malaysia: Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Malaysia as a leading country of ASEAN, many companies sees it as a strategic base of ASEAN because English is become popular. Especially technology and sales positions in manufacturer and logistics fields, demand for Japanese talent is increasing year by year.

In recent years the Japanese service / retail / IT industry has expanded abroad significantly, and in Malaysia, there are positions where Japanese can utilize their skills and experience in a wide range of fields. Malaysia mainly using English in workplace, therefore, there are many positions can accept people without Malay or Chinese language skills. For Japanese who would like to be active in Malaysia as well as in the world business scene, and Japanese companies where would like to become more global companies, there is a company called Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Pasona Inc.'s global recruitment service company that connecting society and people from Japan to the world with “talent dispatch" as their key.

Pasona Inc. is a leading company in talent dispatch that develops in recruitment business at about 50 companies in Japan and overseas. Since Pasona group founded, they have been building various employment infrastructures from the perspective of employment under the universal corporate philosophy of "solving social problems". After that, in May 2014, Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia to take care of the global talent needs.

Today as internationalization in progresses, the number of Japanese companies entering Malaysia has also increased dramatically. Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. introducing global talent, recruitment support, human resource system design beyond border and regional boundaries, and support the company’s personnel strategy with cross-border while fully utilize Pasona Group’s overseas network.

In the future, Pasona is looking forward to develop BPO projects that provide education and training such as intercultural communication and management, Japanese business manners, etc., outsourcing services of personnel-related business, consulting services to support HR strategies for Japanese companies. 
Global sourcing of the Pasona Group has been overall back up overseas expansion of Japanese companies in Asian countries, Europe and the United States since the establishment of Hong Kong, the first overseas base in year 1984. In recent years, Pasona have strengthened the network of ASEAN region, including growing country Malaysia, and will expand wide range of services tailored to the current situation of each country from employment support of global human resources in cross-border.

All employees in Pasona will striving towards provide services and know-how that we have cultivated in Japan, in order to respond to all the recruitment needs of our company in Malaysia. We would be pleased to contribute even just a little to your business development in Malaysia by helping of the recruitment work while you in Malaysia.

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