Recruitment Service in Malaysia : Reeracoen Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Recruitment Service in Malaysia : Reeracoen Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Malaysia is the No. 1 country where Japanese want to emigrate.
Until now, there were many people who moved to Malaysia as the second residence after retirement, but recently due to the price level is low, also the number of television and magazines has increased, caused increasing the number of migration in young generation. In that case, the first problem need to face is the local employment. Many people think that it is impossible to get a job if they are not proficient in English or Malay. Actually, as a result of globalization in recent years, many Japanese companies have expanding into Malaysia market, and also there are many local companies looking for "Japanese speakers". For those who want to look for job that suits their condition and lifestyle, we would like to recommend you Reeracoen, a professional recruitment agency in Malaysia.

"Reeracoen" is an overseas subsidiary of Neo Career Co., Ltd. which is a major Recruitment services agency in Japan. Since founded in year 2000, Neo Career has focused on recruitment-related businesses, from career consulting for fresh graduates and working candidates to healthcare fields including nursing care and medical staff, as well as introducing talent to Asian countries and BPO expanded their business to a wide range through BPO. Currently it has grown to more than 1,000 employees.

Overseas cooperation "Reeracoen" was established in year 2012, has developed to two types of global business "Talent Introduction Business" and "BPO Business", now the business expanding in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and India.
Reeracoen Malaysia taking the know-how cultivated by Neo Career where has been deploying recruitment services since 2000 to supporting the recruitment activities in Malaysia. Reeracoen care about "sense of speed" and "polite matching". Reeracoen will hear about your change job reasons, then decide from the overall of the company culture, job content and benefit, and introduce you the best job offer. Reeracoen also contributing to the growth of people and companies who are challenging the world by developing "ABROADERS", an information website that supporting Japanese who are active in Asia and "ABROADERS CAREER", an overseas recruitment website for Japanese mainly in Asia.

Reeracoen offering "Recruitment Support Services" for companies that are considering recruiting in Malaysia. A consultant familiar with the recruitment situation in Malaysia will introduce you the best talent. A major feature of Reeracon Malaysia's employment support service is that the cost is 0 yen until employment is confirmed. Reeracoen can help you to reduce unnecessary advertising expenses, providing interview arrangement, etc. to save your time and cost.
Please contact Reeracoen Malaysia if you are looking for staffs or jobs in Malaysia. Reeracoen will fully support you by consultants who are highly experienced.

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