Malaysia Long Stay Support Expert

Malaysia Long Stay Support Expert


   “Long Stay”, where you stay abroad for a long time and enjoy the local life, is spreading among the Japanese. Among that, Malaysia has many immigrants from oversea due to the temperate climate, good public safety, inexpensive prices, etc. Also, Malaysia ranked No. 1 for the 11th consecutive year in the country rankings where Japanese want to live. (Research by the Longstay Foundation) There are many people who choose immigrant to Malaysia as the number of long-term residents from Japan now exceeds 20,000, and most of them want to spend their second life in Malaysia.

  Although people are interested in Long Stay in Malaysia, but many of them still do not know exactly what to do. For Japanese traveller, you can stay with a tourist visa for 90days as a try of a short stay first. Then, if you want to stay for more than 90 days, you need a visa for long term stay called MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home). MM2H visa applications can be made individually, but there are documentation preparations in English and submission of documents on the spot, and also the standards of assets and incomes vary depending on age. Therefore, to deal with this complicated procedures, it is recommend to use agent. Step1Malaysia/N.S Vision is the NO.1 visa applicant consulting company among Japanese agent that having MM2H application proxy service. Step1Malaysia has supported over 400 peoples so far. N.S Vision founded in 2001, they offer a wide range of support for Malaysia on a one-stop basis, ranging from MM2H visa application, car import / export, rental housing introduction, real estate buying and selling / management, short term rental condominium, automobile / medical / life insurance agency, incorporation (onshore / offshore), will making, pet import permission, car sales, consultation on expand oversea business, consultation on asset management, etc.

   MM2H is recognized as an early retirement visa mainly targeting middle-aged and elderly people, but in reality there are no age restrictions on MM2H visa, so in recent years there is an increasing trend among 30s ~ 50s who get visas for the purpose for asset management & children's English study abroad, as well as overseas business bases, etc. In addition, it seems that more people acquire MM2H visa as a temporary "evacuation destination" after nuclear accident with great earthquake in year 2011 in Eastern Japan and threat of North Korea lately. Step1Malaysia offers Japanese service capabilities at local prices, making it a motto for becoming a better "consultant" for Malaysia. People who are worry about the first step towards overseas living, please consult with Step1Malaysia. Based on the business experience in Malaysia over 22 years, it will be able to start a second life in Malaysia with confidence with Step1Malaysia precise advice and a Japanese style after sale follow up. Vision details as below:
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