Premium Toilet 「Tokyo Sukkiri」

Premium Toilet 「Tokyo Sukkiri」


In Malaysia life, even has become convenient, but still have some people are not used to the toilet.
Especially for those who used washlet (bidet function) in Japan, there is not many toilet that are quite satisfied in Malaysia.
This is a GOOD NEWS for everyone who wants to spend comfortably at home.
As different type of technology progress every day, so does the technology of toilets. We are pleased to inform that the washlet are also evolving toward overseas market specification.
A toilet of  "Tokyo Sukkiri" with a trustworthy name entered in Malaysia.

I think that some people may worry about voltage and leakage when considering washlet in Malaysia. But, "Tokyo Sukkiri" is a hydraulic system that does not use a power supply (Non-electric). Therefore, this means no worries about electric shock or short circuit and also eliminates the need for electrical works. Hydraulic type without using power supply = the water pressure weak? , please stay relax for those who have this image! We have designed the detergency firmly. It is equipped with 2 nozzles, ‘Rear nozzle’ which powerfully clean your bottom, and ‘Bidet nozzle’ which gently washes the delicate care of women, so you can use it according to your needs.
Moreover, the nozzles feature a self-cleaning mechanism and dirt resistant (based on independent research) angled golden nozzles. Also, it is takes less time for cleaning. In addition, the toilet seat, lid, nozzle and all other parts of the product are made with antibacterial material to ensure continuous germ suppression.

Any type of toilet can easily installed with only a Philips-head (crosshead) screwdriver and a 24mm spanner. Therefore, even if the toilet seat type (except for Japanese style type) is different depending on the condominium, you also can use it without worry. Even in the unlikely event of a trouble, we will respond to repair with extensive spare parts produced in Thailand.

It can be used safely & cleanly, it does not cost electricity. The home toilets in Malaysia have also evolved to this point.
For inquiries regarding "Tokyo Sukkiri", please kindly contact to
Tel:  03-2731-4794 (Kong / Yen), Japanese OK.  or e-mail:

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