Interior Design & Construction Management Professional

Interior Design & Construction Management Professional


Even though I’m trying to get used to offices and houses in Malaysia, but it is still inconvenient. I am missing the ease of use of Japanese buildings, design based on the user’s point of view. In my everyday use, the feeling of thinking "I wish it would be like this!" This may be a small stress sometimes.

Also, sadly that we can’t avoid water and electric breakdowns. It is the same as my home, but I am constantly repairing somewhere in my house. Even if asking for repair, it starting from the fact that the merchant does not come as planned, or it becomes a new trouble because of the difference in recognition and quality with the local repair dealer.

Under such circumstances, it seems like a dream to be able to ask Japanese company to do electrical construction work in offices and houses, water supply and drainage work, and repair as well as design in Malaysia. But now, there are company that will make my dreams come true!

Four Leaf Partners Sdn Bhd was established by Mr. Hiroaki Tajima, Managing Director, who is also a qualified architect of the first-class. Anything related to buildings will accept consultation. Electricity work, water supply and drainage construction are a reliable existence that provides services suited to the Japanese feeling in Malaysia. Besides, Four Leaf Partners do offer a wide range of services including general interior construction (housing, shop, office), design and construction of various interior designs, event booth design and construction, various project management, office furniture official sales agent.


  • Total design of stores, tie-up with Japanese fixtures makers/system companies, support from both sides of design and construction of office.
  • Provide one-stop support for company looking to expand business into Malaysia as well as project management details by proposing information and solution for business
  • Provide information on real estate in Malaysia to Japanese investors and Japanese real estate information for investors in Malaysia.

"Fit for Purpose" as a theme, we will make suggestions for each purpose.

In addition, Four Leaf Partners are also looking for business partners who can enjoy together the new business model. They are always looking for new business development in Malaysia, such as business models that converting second-hand buildings and combining real estate and interior, and Japanese services that have not yet been imported into Malaysia.

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According to Managing Director Mr.Tajima, who with his wealth of experiences in Japan & Malaysia said that realization of office / housing environment in Malaysia "I wish it was this way" and waiting for you with strongly support for a new start here.

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