Raffles American School (RAS) Boarding Program

Raffles American School (RAS) Boarding Program


Welcome to the Boarding Program at Raffles American School (RAS), the premier boarding school in Malaysia. In addition to the excellent academic program RAS offers, we also provide an on-campus boarding program that specializes in preparing each student for college and beyond. Both our Junior and Senior Boarding Programs interlink and ultimately give students the skills they need to develop their own personal character while demonstrating the self-discipline and motivation necessary to prepare them for life after graduation.

Raffles’ Junior Boarding Program, for students from ages 8 to 12, has been formulated to align with the milestones and developmental outcomes of the elementary school. We believe, at this age, students learn through play and enquiry-based learning; and we have designed our program to do just that - to be interactive and learner-based while allowing boarding students to gain knowledge that will be indispensable to learning in the classroom. The boarding staff ensure that the activities and interactions with students mirror what is being taught in their academic and elective courses. Additionally, the daily junior boarding schedule allows students to socialize and play, but also to begin to understand the need for structured study sessions that will be vital to progress at senior level. To this end, we emphasize the importance of independence and accountability, and with help and supervision from boarding staff, students begin to experience this in a safe and nurturing environment.  

Raffles’ Senior Boarding Program begins at the age of 13.  At Senior Boarding, we believe in preparing students for college and life beyond the school gates. Emphasis is on developing three critical areas paramount to success, namely: Emotional, Social, and Academic Development. In conjunction with these three areas, the Senior Boarding Program is designed upon the Six Pillars of Boarding (Community, Self-Awareness, Home Away from Home, Independence and Accountability, Academic Achievement, and a Caring and Nurturing Environment) which lead towards these developmental goals. At this level, external support is balanced with opportunities for self-motivation, and independence is stressed as a way to achieve skills that are needed during college. To this end, students are monitored during structured study sessions by staff, but also encouraged to be accountable for their decisions, understanding that every action has a reaction. Additionally, the Director of Boarding meets teachers on a regular basis to keep up-to-date on how students are fairing academically, and then meets with students to guide and assist in planning their academic progress and address any academic concerns.

To ensure the safety and propriety of the boarding students, there is 24-hour security and access controlled entrances to the boarding facility. Students are accommodated in gender-segregated dormitories and may not enter opposite gender facilities. Student dormitories provide students with single, private rooms with air-conditioning and WI-FI access. Each floor houses shared bathrooms with private stalls and showers. In addition, a beach-themed common area on the ground floor - with pool tables, table tennis, PlayStation and comfortable seating for students - allows student to relax, socialize and develop communication skills.

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