Malaysia's Wi-Fi Environment

Malaysia's Wi-Fi Environment


At the travel destination, Wi-Fi environment must be the thing that most worry about. In Malaysia, most restaurant and public places are free Wi-FI, which is very convenient.
This time we would like to introduce the Wi-Fi environment of Malaysia's in capital city Kuala Lumpur!

<<Malaysia is Wi-Fi Paradise>>

Malaysia's Wi-Fi environment is fulfilling, unless you go to the countryside.
When you need some minor research or when the Wi-Fi in the hotel costs money, you may go a cafe or restaurant.

<<Where Wi-Fi is available???>>
◇Airport / Train
You can connect the internet for free at KLIA Airport Kuala Lumpur.
①Please choose「FREE_WIFI@ KLIA」from the Wi-Fi connection. 
②When a connection confirmation screen appears, please click on the connection start button. Wi-Fi in the aiport has usage time limit and can use up to 3 hours.

◇Food Court / Shopping Mall
Food court and shopping malls also have free Wi-Fi connection. Fahrenheit in Bukit Bintang offers free Wi-Fi in the hotel, but it may be slow or difficult to connect ^^.

◇Restaurant / Cafe 
Almost most of the chain restaurants and cafes in Kuala Lumpur are Wi-Fi connected. In the store where Wi-Fi is connected, the seal of "Wi-Fi" is affixed. As there are many cases where passowrds are applied to Wi-Fi in restaurant, so please request the staff by "Please rell me your restaurant Wi-Fi password", then they will tell you the password or give you a piece of paper with password.

<<Cafe that easy to connect Wi-Fi>>

A representative cafe which you often see in Kuala Lumpur. Fre Wi-Fi provided here and you no need to ask the staff for a password. When you get to your sear, just turn on your Wi-Fi connection setting and wait for the connection screen to open.

This is well-known cafe in Japan, but i often see it in Malaysia shopping mall.
When connection Wi-Fi in Starbucks, you must get Wi-Fi password from the staffs.
If you need to charge your electric devices, Starbucks coffee may be better choice than Whitetown Coffee as there are many power supply places can found in the cafe.

Even if some restaurant/cafe do not have Wi-Fi seals, but usually there have Wi-Fi, so just ask the staffs for the Wi-Fi.

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