Must See!!! To Ants Troubles with ONE Bottle!

Must See!!! To Ants Troubles with ONE Bottle!


Many people living in Malaysia suffering countermeasures against “ANTS” .

I thought my house will be exception….but suddenly I saw their movement in our house. Even though I live in a higher floor, cleaning the house neatly but ant still will invade. I could not identify their nest and this made the extermination is very troublesome.

In Malaysia supermarket also selling those local anti-pesticides, but it does not have enough effect or does not lead to destruction of ant nests. . Actually there is another way that I can brings the made in Japan pesticides from Japan, but I really do not want to add this in my valuable temporary return in the baggage.

Meanwhile, "Arimetz" which became available in Malaysia recently. 

Arimetz is ranked number one in gardening repellent Japan Amazon, and also expect great from Japanese purveyor living in Singapore!

Moreover, since this Arimetz is in liquid type, it also has the merit of being able to distribute the necessary number even when ants are generated from a multiple of places. There is one tray that contains the liquid, but it seems that you can drop directly on the path of ants. The trays are easier to use because ants are easier to enter. It can be drop directly to places that fewer flat surfaces such as washrooms, and I realized that is more convenience than grain type from the installation stage.                                                                                                                              

After placing Arimetz near the row of ants, ants will gather at the tray. When left overnight, the flocks of ants that gathered in the tray and the queue were all disappeared. Very impressive and appreciated that I do not have to clean the deceased ants!

In addition, one bottle can be used repeatedly because it contains quite a lot of it.

I feel relieved to have at least 1 bottle as this is necessity of life in Malaysia.

Currently it is selling at RM50/bottle at few places below in KL:

1) KLCC Isetan
2) BIG @ Publika

3) Medsense Pharmacy @ Subang

4) Floristika @ Bangsar

5) P-Mart @ JB

6) Meijiya @ PEN

7) Pudu Lia @ Cheras

8) BIG @ IPC Damansara

You may also make purchase from the below website: 
11 street:

BigAdvert (M-Navi Business)


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