Let's learn about the Educational System in Malaysia!

Let's learn about the Educational System in Malaysia!


Hi Everyone, do you know about the educational system in Malaysia? 

In Malaysia, mainly composed of three ethnic groups of Malay, Chinese and Indian, and the educational system is different for each ethnic group. 

There are many different points from the Japanese education system and is complicated, so we would like to introduce the educational system in Malaysia!

<<Year Of Education System>>
Firstly, the number of years of education system is different in Japan and Malaysia. In Malaysia, primary education is 6 years, secondary education is 5 years ( 3 years in the first term, 2 years in the second term), university preliminary education is 1 - 2 years.

Also, the name of the curriculum and the examination system also differ from Japan.

◇Primary Education
Primary education in Malaysia is an elementary school in Japan. Generally attend for 6 years, from 7 - 12 years old. This period is called Standard 1 - Standard 6. There is an intermediate examination, it is also possible to skip grades. After the process of standard 6 is over, we will take an exam called UPSR when we graduate. Graduation qualification is obtained if we meet the reference point. If you do not meet the reference point, you will study another year to get a graduation qualification at another learning institution. 

◇Secondary Education​​

Secondary education in Malaysia generally attend for 5years from 13 - 17 years old. This period is called Form 1 - Form 5. 
In Form 3, we will take an exam called PMR. Depending on the result, it is decided whether you are going to a art or science class. 
Upon completion of the process up to form 5 you need to attend a graduation exam (called SPM). The results of this graduation exam must be submitted when you applying for university.

◇University preliminary education ​​

Malaysia has a preparatory period for entering university called Form 6. 
This Form 6 period has two stages, Lower 6 and Upper 6.
First of all you will obtain a basic knowledge of your university courses at Lower 6. The process of Lower 6 is generally a half year. After that is Upper 6, studies for 1 year.
At the end of Form 6, a national unified exam called STPM is conducted.

《 Type of School 》​​
There are two kinds of schools in Malaysia, public schools and private schools same as Japan.

◇Public School​​

In Malaysia, secondary education is free if you go to public school. Primary education enrollment rate almost 100%. 
Government primary schools in Malaysia will teach in their native language. There are 3 kinds of school: Malay primary school, Chinese primary school, Indian primary school. Even though basically the mother tongue is the subject, but Malay is an essential subject in any kinds of school. 

◇Private School​ ​

Private schools in Malaysia include international schools, local private schools and religious schools. 
Private schools are mainly in English language education, and facilities are quite substantial compared to public schools.
≪ Term ≫ ​​​
Many schools are using a three semester system during school enrollment.
Although there are not many numbers, some schools are using two semesters system.
Basically, the period is classified as follows. 

◇3 semester system​​​

1st semester : September - December​​
2nd semester:January - April
3rd semester:May - August ​​

◇2 semester system​​

1st semester: January - July​​
2nd semester:August - December​
《 Malay Incentives System 》​​
In Malaysia, there is a preferential policy "Bumiputra policy" for Malay. This policy also affects education.

◇Malay Language Education​​
Malay language is an essential language in public schools, they stop teaching in science and mathematical subjects in English and decide to change Malay as common language. 
For primary education, they plan to make a complete transition by 2016 and for secondary education by 2021.

◇Incentives in Universtiy Entrance Examination​​

Also, at the national and public university admission, the percentage of Malays who have entered the university is set high. Even with the same academic ability, there are greatly differences between Malay and non-Malay (Chinese, Indian). 

According to a survey conducted by EF, Malaysian English ability was the second best in Asia following Singapore! From this, it can be seen that the English education standard is high. 

In Malaysia, because it is a multiethnic country, the educational system is also various. When thinking about your child's education in Malaysia, it is good to know about the local education system!

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