「The 4th Japanese Language Business Presentation Contest」and Malaysia’s first「WakuWaku Job Fair」will be held

「The 4th Japanese Language Business Presentation Contest」and Malaysia’s first「WakuWaku Job Fair」will be held
8th July 2019
A to Z Language Centre Sdn Bhd
eeevo malaysia Sdn Bhd

The 4th Japanese Language Business Presentation Contest* organized by Japanese Language School A to Z Language Center will be held again this year. Also, as a co-organized event, “WakuWaku Job Fair” organized by a Japanese IT company eeevo malaysia Sdn Bhd (hereinafter, eeevo) will be held at the same venue.

This events are related to Japan such as “Japanese Contest” and “Career Fair mainly with Japanese Companies” that able to produces synergetic effects as participants are from both event and career fair.

※ This event is sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.


Event Overview

◇The 4th Japanese Language Business Presentation Contest

A business presentation contest in Japanese Language based on "work" theme by Malaysian working people and university students. There are 18 contesters and the estimate will have 200 visitors.

Website   http://atozcontest.com

◇The 1st  WakuWaku Job Fair

Japanese Career Fair. There will also be a “Study in Japan” and “Work in Japan” corner, as well as a company booth for job seekers targeting Malaysian and students who graduated from Japan. Besides, companies that operating in Malaysia, recruitment agencies, language schools, vocational schools, and companies from Japan that want to recruit Malaysians are also expected to exhibit in this event. The number of exhibitors is 40 to 50, with an estimated attendance of 300 to 400.

Website https://wakuwakujobfair.com.my/jp-for-company

Date & time 15th September 2019 (Sun) 10am~5pm
Venue Taylor University Lakeview Campus(1, Jalan Taylors, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor)
※Free entrance


About Japanese Language Business Presentation Contest

◇The target of the event

We hope that Malaysia and Japan building a stronger connection by making the awareness, feelings and recommendations of Malaysian people who are working in or wish to working in Japanese companies. We hope that this will connect Malaysian, who are fluent in Japanese, with Japanese people and companies, to meet up new encounters and it will lead to discover new talent who are learning and wants to use Japanese, so we started the contest.

We hope that Japanese speakers in Japanese companies will have the opportunity to improve their motivation by saying "I'm glad I could speak Japanese" and "Japanese is fun".
In addition, Japanese people working in Malaysia can also review “Japanese” and “Japan” from the outside through the Malaysian perspective. We hope many Japanese people will visit it.

◇18 contestants present their thoughts on work in Japanese Language

A total of 18 contestants will give a five-minute presentation in Japanese on the theme of "work" in a two-session, "General" and "University". The judgement of the presentation will be subject to presentation contents, how to show it and how to communicate it, but not the Japanese language proficiency.

For general session are those who have business experience / who wish to work in the future using Japanese, and whose native language is not Japanese. For university session are students who studies in university and whose native language is not Japanese.

Website  http://atozcontest.com
The application deadline is 4th August. We will select 18 peoples (10 general and 8 University) who will go to the finals in the screening process.

About The 1st WakuWaku Job Fair

◇The First in Malaysia! Career fair from Thailand where gathering Japanese talents

 “WakuWaku Job Fair” has been held 8 times in Thailand, and it is one of Thailand's largest job fair that mainly focuses on Japanese talents. In Thailand, it is organized by TalentEx (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereafter TalentEx), a Japanese-based human resources technology company based in Thailand, but in Malaysia it is organized by eeevo.

This job fair is aimed for those interested in Japanese companies and Japan. We will have a “Study in Japan” and “Work in Japan” corner as well as booth for job seekers. In addition to students who are learning Japanese come on a school-by-school basis, it is able to attract peoples through SNS, etc. We are currently recruiting exhibitors, and expect companies, recruiting companies, language schools, vocational schools, and approximately 40 to 50 companies from Malaysia and Japan to participate.

Website https://wakuwakujobfair.com.my/jp-for-company

A to Z Language Centre Sdn Bhd company details

Address:70B, Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Representative:Akiko Nishio
Nature of business:Managing Language School

eeevo malaysia Sdn Bhd company details

Address:Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Representative:Noritaka Araki
Nature of business:Media, Digital Marketing, System Development, JBAA Training Program

◇Regarding「Japanese Language Presentation Contest」
bizcontest@atozlanguage.com Person in charge:Nishio, Regina

◇Regarding「WakuWaku Job Fair」
info@eeevo.asia / +60 (3) 2775 2467 Person in charge:Yamazaki, Kei Kei

■Image material:Please download from below link:
・Japanese Business Presentation Contest 2017 2 pictures
・WakuWaku Job Fair in Thailand
・WakuWaku Job Fair Logo data


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