We are financial advisory firm based in ASEAN, Hong Kong and Shanghai. A Japanese advisor that is accredited by the Malaysian Financial Services Agency and please feel free to inquire in Japanese. Until today, we have a track record of supporting over 2,300 expatriates and MM2H people, and we are making proposals according to various needs.

Service Contents


Consulting for asset formation / asset management

We collaborate with the world's largest financial institutions and insurance companies. According to customer's needs and life planning, and provide plans for funded investment and bulk investment.
We will managed without being influenced by the country of residence, it is especially suitable for those who are constantly in possibility of transferring to other countries like those of expatriates and who want to manage assets without consolidating assets in one country / one currency.
General consulting is Free of charge.


General insurance

General insurance related to medical insurance, life insurance, company management.
There are people who live overseas for a long time and do not have life insurance or medical insurance at all.
In life planning, the most important factor is whether or not you and your family are protected by medical insurance and life insurance.
In addition, we can correspond to those insurance that necessary for running a company such as PL insurance can correspond.


Create International Testimony

Those who have assets in various types and currencies, such as real estate and investment products in multiple countries, are particularly necessary.

Company Information

Company Name/会社名

Infinity Financial Solutions Ltd

Representative Name/代表者名

Nobumitsu Kashiwamura

No. of Employees/従業員数



Nature of Business/事業内容

Individual: Individual pension, child education fund, private bank service, bulk investment, opening of overseas bank accounts, medical / life insurance, Making of international will, overseas real estate investment
Company: Group medical insurance, PL insurance, asset management

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03-2164 6585


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So8Ao, 8th Floor, South Block, Wisma Selangor Dredging 142A Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL